012. If you were omnipotent, how would you change the world?(2分スピーチ)

If you were omnipotent, how would you change the world?

The word omnipotent means, “having unlimited power; able to do anything.” If I could do anything I wished to do, that is, if I had the power to make anything happen, I would make sure that each person in the world had the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential as a human being. The opportunity that I would give each person would include all the things necessary to fulfill one’s potential, starting with the basics such as food, clean drinking water, access to healthcare, a great education, and most importantly a safe, secure environment where each person would feel cared for and loved. If I had the power—if I were omnipotent—I would make sure that everyone had these things, and I truly believe that the world would reflect a significant change for the better. Because there are several billion people living in the world today, then the only possible way to change the world is by having omnipotence, it would seem. However, if I can provide one or more of these vital things to even just one other person, then I will have helped change the world for that person. As one, single human being, I am not omnipotent, but I do believe that by being the type of person who consistently focuses on and strives towards a world where everyone can reach their individual potential, then the world I imagine may also be imagined by other people. These collective imaginations coupled with organized action may then result in a change to our world one person at a time and then we could all reach our true potential.