007.Describe the person who inspires you(2分スピーチ)

Describe the person who inspires you

Hi everyone, my name’s Megan, and today’s topic is “describe the person who inspires you”. I think I’m most inspired by my grandma. She was born just after world war 2 and she is the strongest and most resilient person I know, which I think is a reflection of the period she was born in. Discussion is her favorite pastime, and I have to admit she’s rather good at it. She’s very open-minded and her opinions are very contemporary. In fact, I think she is the reason why I also take great pleasure in a good quality discussion. She does often tell me that I am a chip off the old block and that I’m just like her.

Not only is she a good talker, but she also bakes the best cakes. She has just inspired me to make my first-ever Christmas cake and I’m proud to say that it does taste exactly like hers. When I was young and my birthday was just round the corner, I would give her a ring and I would put in my order for my birthday cake for that year. Whether it was a chocolate with sprinkles, or a 3 tier extravaganza, no matter what my request was she always made sure she made it. Nothing is too much for her actually and I don’t think my life would be the same without her. She truly is one of a kind and I feel very lucky to have someone so special and so influential in my life.