005.What is your most recent accomplishment?(2分スピーチ)

What is your most recent accomplishment?

I recently reached my personal goal of traveling from one side of the big Latin American city I currently live in all the way to the other side, using only the elaborate system of city bus routes and trains. Even though I have lived in this city for more than ten years now, I have largely remained isolated in the small neighborhood in which I live and work.
When I first moved here, I decided to explore the city by using its public transportation system and I got totally, I mean totally lost! Thanks to technology, namely GPS, I was able to eventually find my way back home. However, the experience was a bit harrowing as I did not speak the local language that well back then. I had difficulty figuring out which buses and trains to take, where they went, and how to ask for them. Additionally, there were no ride-sharing apps like there are now. Needless to say, I now have a much better grasp on how to get around this enormous city. Having a much better command of the language has allowed me to learn how to ask for directions and how to read the often-changing public transportation schedules.
So, a few weeks ago, when I seamlessly traveled from my little neighborhood to the complete opposite side of the city in just under one hour, I felt very pleased with the fact that not only did I not get lost, but knew where I was every step of the way. I look forward to utilizing this valuable skill in the future every time I want to go to my favorite spots in this city.