004.What are you grateful for?(2分スピーチ)

What are you grateful for?

Hello! My name is Alexandra and I’m going to talk to you about the things I am most grateful for in my life. Around Thanksgiving time, I do a lot of reflection on this. I think I can narrow down the things I am most grateful for into the top three categories.
In third position is the opportunities I have been given in life. In school – the flexibility to choose my subjects, study what I enjoy, which led to a really enjoyable career. I could work in a field that I was passionate about and that was lucrative! Also the personal experiences that I have been able to have. All of these opportunities are something that I am very grateful for. Now, in saying that, I wouldn’t have these opportunities if it wasn’t for my positive attitude, the thing I have as number 2 I am most grateful for. I’m a ‘yes’ person! I take risks. I’m spontaneous, but I know I have a good backup plan if anything goes wrong. That feeds well into the number one thing that I am grateful for.
The reason I have these opportunities, the reason I have this attitude is my mother and father. They were so supportive in my life. They built the character that I have today. They gave me, they worked hard for these opportunities and they gave me these opportunities to be this person. So, I am just so lucky and so grateful to have them as my mother and father. Thank you.