003.Describe something you learned recently(2分スピーチ)

Describe something you learned recently

Hello, my name is Megan and today I am going to describe to you something that I learned recently. So about one week ago I learned how to make a Christmas wreath to hang on my front door. A wreath is a Christmas decoration that we hang on our doors to invite the spirit of Christmas into our homes and to bring us luck for the year ahead. I really love arts and crafts so I couldn’t wait to try it… and I had an old Christmas tree that I don’t put up anymore and in the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to repurpose the tree and use it in another festive way.

So using different YouTube videos and lots of DIY, do it yourself, articles on homemade Christmas decorations, I started tying different parts of the tree together, using gardening wire. Then I read a magazine article on how to dry orange slices to put on a wreath. They took three hours to bake on a low temperature in the oven. The house smelt like Christmas after that which added to the festive feeling. I tied them to the tree branches with gold ribbon, and to finish it off, I watched YouTube videos which showed me how to decorate it with different items such as baubles, red Christmas berries, and bows. I have to say it did look beautiful, even if I do say so myself and I might even try to make some for some of my family. I was really in the Christmas spirit after this, so I say let the festivities begin.